What Time of Day Should I Start My Sprinklers? 

A beautiful lawn is what everyone wants and to have that. It requires a lot of work and care. You need to mow regularly, trim weeds, fertilize, and water the yard. This will become your routine, and you get to spend more time when spring and summer arrive because the growth of your lawn runs out of control.

In regards to watering your plants, it’s best to install a sprinkler system. Used it carefully and make sure that your system is well maintained for it to run through the years. It is also essential to determine what is the best time to turn on your sprinklers and it depends on the climate and the specific plants.

One of the factors considered in keeping a healthy lawn is knowing when to turn on your lawn sprinklers. Running your sprinkler system for the season, watering the right period, and choosing the best time of the day has a significant role in your yard. To prevent wasting water and making sure that your lawn and plants receive the right amount of water, plan your watering schedule with detailed information.

What time of the day should I start my sprinklers?

Typically, you turn on your sprinklers early in the morning just before sunrise or after. There are some reasons why this the ideal time to let your sprinklers run. 

Early hours in the morning are more likely to be cooler and have a little wind compared to the afternoons. And with this you can look forward to less evaporation of the water spraying in the air, leading to lesser waste and greater coverage, faster than making the system run longer.

An hour before sunrise is the best time to water your lawn; it gives the water enough time to soak into the ground but leaves blades of grass damp for a shorter time. And also, the damp night air softens the soil making it easier for the water to soak in. 

If you water at night, there is a tendency that it will affect the health of your grass. One of them is having a fungus or other illness because of the constant wetness of the yard, which contrasts the advice of people who waters at night. However, watering your plants early in the morning assure that your lawn has time to dry even when it is cool and cloudy.

There are exceptions to keep in mind; one is when you live in a cool environment. You may want to wait until later in the day when the sun's heat is at its peak. This ensures that your lawn is saturated, and it can be able to dry without the concern of freezing water that won't soak into the ground.

Another one is the winter season; temperatures may be below freezing. You want to ensure that you are watering at the right time when the yard is most likely to receive moisture and primarily to be able to dry even when the temperatures are dropping. 

 In general, when you know what is the best time to water your lawn; you will get the result that you have always wanted. Green, beautiful, and healthy yard!

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