How Far Should Sprinklers be from the House

Having a sprinkler system comes with great responsibility, Is the line familiar? You probably heard this from your parents or relatives. They are right about that! The sprinkler system is created to make it easy to maintain your plants healthy all year-round. It is very important that the system runs flawlessly so that your home’s foundation stays healthy too.

Problems like broken heads, leaks, and overwatering can lead to flooding your lawn. Worst it goes straight to your foundation and basement, causing a long-term issue, foundation crack is one of them.

Protect your walls and fence by keeping the sprinklers away from them. We have a few tips for you to prevent future problems that could affect your house and your budget!

Keep off your sprinklers from walls and fence

How far should the sprinklers be from your house? Especially from your walls and fence. Several issues would occur if you didn’t consider this one when you plan on installing a sprinkler.

For instance, you have a wooden fence, and it is about 8 feet tall.

Installation Process:

When you are using a plow or trencher to install the pipe, better to stay further away from the wall or fence, approximately 3 feet. Keep in mind that machines can easily slip from side to side of alignment, especially when an unskilled person uses them.

When placing your sprinkler heads, keep them for at least 2 feet away from the fences and walls. If you are using a spray-type and if you will use a radius rotor-type heads keep it away for 3 feet or more from the structures. Regardless of wherever you will place them, remember to consider that the wind can also affect where water spray goes.


Someday in the future, there will be a time that you may need to dig up the pipe for a repair. Make sure that you have enough room (One foot is the minimum requirement.) so that you won’t hit your tools or body against the fence, or wall when you dig. Another one will be the maintenance of the fence, beware of water stains it will reduce the life of the fence, particularly on wooden fences. They are the ones who can be extremely difficult if not impossible to remove.

Don’t plant lawn near the fence or wall!

If you don’t want any damages to your house and you want your fence dry, plant your lawn to a minimum 3-feet-wide strip along the fence. In that way, the sprinkler can water the lawn away from the fences keeping it dry and safe.

As a general rule, it is not advisable to place a lawn next to a fence, except in some cases if it would make your landscape attractive.

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