Types of Water Features For Your Garden

We know you have been dreaming to have your own little fountain at home, I mean who does not want to, right? We are so lucky that we live in a time where water features can now be added to our yard, unlike before only nobles and high-rank people are allowed and can afford it.

As landscaping evolves it eventually becomes inexpensive and a form of art to charm people. Having a water feature at home is relaxing, the sound of water flowing is good for your mental health. It calms your brain and soothes your heart, sounds like a broken-hearted person but really it creates an easing environment.

Also, water features add value to your property and help captivate more wildlife vibe to your garden. When you say water features “pond” is the first thing that comes to your mind, right? Don’t deny it! However, a pond is just one of the types of water features there are others that you may like.

Different types of water features for your garden

Just as we say there are several types of water features you can choose from to add to your garden, here are some of them.


First on our list is the common one, the natural pond. This is the very basic landscape feature that is well-liked by most homeowners, often called the humble pond. There are four basic ponds, a reflecting pool, ornamental pools, fish ponds, and a water garden. Each of them differs by size, depth, and shape.

Ponds are constructed by excavating a hole and lining it with a rigid one or a flexible type. Ponds are created to meld smoothly to any landscape. Ponds are for those fish lovers, adding their colored koi carp, watching and feeding them.

Pond less Waterfall

This type of water feature is children and pet-friendly, perfect for those who want to have a risk-free water feature. We don’t want young children and pets to drown; we just want to have a relaxing ambiance at home.

The pond less waterfall is the answer to it, and it is built mainly from rocks and pebbles to create water and stream. To create its waterfall, water is pushed to the top of the waterfall and gently flows down passing through the rock until it reaches the bottom and pushed back to the top then repeats the process.

A pond less waterfall is a water feature that has no pool of water to it, so your children and pets will not drown when they fall to it. This is an artificial waterfall that is made for you to enjoy its view and listen to the sound like you are deep in the forest.


If you are looking for a water feature but don’t have extra space, water walls are the perfect choice for you. Water walls add sophistication to your home, with their stylish features you will have an additional view to look at. Water walls have the same water flow process as pond-less waterfalls, the water slowly streams down the wall and backs up to the top, and repeats the cycle.

Water walls have a filter to ensure that the water stays clean and is not engulfed with minerals that build up as time goes by. You can even change the colors and the sound of the water wall, imagine the effects on this one.


This type of water feature is the same as the sconces but spacious and has more water on it. Scupper’s water flows from the top and down to the bottom, often it creates an inground pool or standalone channel. It also has a filter to keep the water clean, scuppers are used in a concert partnered with waterfalls. It is an attraction that brings out the beauty on stages and old-world places.

Water Blades

This is the popular type of water features, mostly built-in modern type of gardens. This has a metallic blade feature that changes the water circulation, it has a steady curtain of water that flows down like a waterfall.

Adding LED lights to your water blades is doable, it will be stunning to look at, plus it can create a luxury vibe to your garden. Unlike Scuppers, water blades are built into brick walls, and it is expensive as you will need the help of a professional.

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