Looking After Your Home Sprinkler System 

Most homeowners and business owners assume that their sprinkler systems are well-made to work without limitation for years. Yes, only if it is maintained regularly.

Why does it need maintenance? It only works once or twice a day. However, the irrigation system is just like any other equipment or appliances you have; it needs to be check. The sprinkler system encounters issues like broken valves, heads, and leaking. Sometimes it can be unnoticeable and when left unattended it will get worse.

Keep your sprinkler system in perfect condition, and you will be glad you did it. Investments like this pay you back with years of conserving water and savings too. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your underground sprinkler system.

Check and Adjust your Sprinkler Heads

Before spring and summer come you need to inspect the sprinkler heads in your system. Look for signs of damage, heads may be missing, broken or some rocks or debris may be blocking them. Remove any dirt or grass that is covering the sprinkler head and clean it with a wet rag.

While you are inspecting the sprinkler heads, make sure to also check for any screws that may be loose. All the heads should be in the right position, tilted ones are commonly caused by lawnmowers or sometimes from a foot. Adjusting the heads will ensure that the sprinkler heads are secure and watering your lawn evenly.

Make sure that you do this one before you start watering your lawn, because if not water will not be distributed properly across your yard. Causing it to have a wet spot and runoff.

Check Your Water Pressure

The winter season is almost at its end, before turning your sprinkler system for the first time check the water pressure settings. It should be around 30 and 50 PSI, to measure the water pressure in your home or site use a flow meter or a water gauge. Just attached it to an outdoor faucet.

Flush your Sprinkler System

At every start of any season, be sure to flush the system. This will help prevent the system from clogging, any debris that is blocking or covering the system should be flushed. You can also install screens on the sprinkler heads to increase the filtration of the system and replace any heads that have become clogged.

Match the watering schedule to Sun exposure

If your lawn is exposed more to the sun it also needs more water it. However, watering your yard should be based on the season. Your lawn doesn’t need the same amount of water in spring as they do in the summer. When the temperature changes and drops, you have to adjust your system to water less or lower the frequency output.

Furthermore, the other parts of your yard have different watering needs too. For instance, your lawn facing towards the north and is under a shade, you can water it less than those who are exposed all day in the sun. Make sure to adjust the sprinkler runtime appropriately.

Match Timers for Seasonal Plant Needs

Change your control timers depending on the seasonal plants, each of them has different watering needs. Watering them will depend on the season. Plants need more water during spring and summer, and they need less when it is cooler.

For example, bluegrass requires 0.7 inches deep of water per week in spring and fall but in summer they need 9 inches of water. Usually increases depending on the temperature, be sure to change the allotted control time in the settings to adjust to your lawn needs.

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