Benefits of Lawn Aeration 

Aeration is a natural process of air interchange between soil and the surrounding atmosphere. This is the process of getting rid of small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn. It will help improve soil aeration in the natural way.

Aeration is one of the most valuable treatments that you can give to your lawn and gives back to you by keeping it healthy. This method is mainly done during fall. It is the season where your turf changes gears from top growth to root growth.

Aeration is a process that will help the water and nutrients to access the roots easily. That will make your grass grow thicker and healthier.

Benefits of Aeration to your Lawn

If you are thinking of doing aeration here is a list of what your lawn can benefit from doing so.

Improved turf’s health

Doing aeration will improve the air exchange between the soil and atmosphere. It will also strengthen the root zone and provides better access to air, water, and fertilizer. This will let your grass get everything that it needs to flourish. This will also make the roots stretch, develop and become denser with soil aeration.

Reduced water runoff and puddling

With aeration it allows your soil to loosen up, which will help your lawn to absorb water in a better way. If your lawn has a spot that can always be seen puddling during storms or spots that your yard has runoff, doing soil aeration can help you face these problems. If it rises, and when it does you know what to do.

Reduce soil compaction

By doing aeration it will decrease the density of the soil and enhance the air exchange of the soil and the surrounding atmosphere. When the soil is compacted, it deprives the roots of your grass of essential air circulation, with aeration it unclogs the compacted soil and removes dead spots, patches, and thinning.

Enhanced thatch breakdown

Another benefit you can get from aeration is reducing thatch build-up. If you are wondering what is a thatch or you have a different name for it, it is a thin layer of dead grass that gathers on your lawn’s surface.

It may have a beneficial contribution to your lawn, but too much is not a good thing. It will rob your grass of rain and nutrients; aeration will help break up excessive thatch that has spread around your lawn and makes sure that all the water and nutrients it needs will get into the soil

Prepares your lawn

Aeration helps with the preparation for winter and spring dormancy. Before your grass goes to a long rest, ensure that it is in a good shape, pair fall aeration with fall fertilization. Fall aeration helps strengthens your turf’s roots and making it healthy in the next spring or for years to come.

Also, fall aeration will help prepare your lawn for the winter season, as mentioned above that aeration merged with fertilizer helps, improves your lawn’s resistance to diseases and insects.

As your lawn thickens it also overthrows the weeds, making it smoother to step into, and cleaner lawn.

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