5 Tips to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great 

Spring season is fast approaching and what comes after that – its summer! Keeping your lawn healthy isn’t easy, especially when it is hot. For most homeowners having a beautiful and greener landscape is something you can be proud of.

With the seasons changing your lawn needs more care and you know what that means you will have to spend almost 4 hours outside for yard work. To avoid sunburns and back pains, here are some simple tips for you to follow in maintaining your lawn.

Control the Weed

You need to watch out for these troublesome weeds. They are everywhere! You might wonder where or how it got to your garden, they can be brought by birds flying over you house, your pets, and other animals that are roaming in the grass.

Lawn weeds can grow and sometimes it will look like seed heads or flowers, there are several types of them. The best and fastest way to get rid of them is by pulling the whole weed out (including the roots). It can be done by hand (with gloves) or using a tool, if there are a lot of them you may use a low toxicity herbicide. You can spray it directly to the weeds.

And avoid using a fertilizer that has a weed killer it does not just removed weeds but it can also kill the shrubs, trees and flowers near it.

Fertilize your lawn

Your lawn needs its vitamins too. It is recommended to fertilize it twice a year. One in the spring and the other one is in autumn. However, fertilizing your home in the early summer gives nutrients to your lawn right before its peak growing season. This is very important to remember if you live in an area where drought rules. 

There are several types of fertilizers to choose from. If your grass suffers with grubs or pests consider a fertilizer with insect control. For those who live in dry areas look for a fertilizer that can pierce through the root system. For lush and thick lawn find a mix of fast and slow-release fertilizers, this will make your lawn greener. 

Be sure to apply a fertilizer, slightly water your grass to ensure that the fertilizer is sinking in through the roots.

Mow high and edging

If think that having a short lawn means healthy? Think again. You may be tempted to cut your lawn short so that it will have a lusher look but cutting it too short can bring harm to your grass, more likely to burn. Taller blades of grass are the ideal one, they have a tendency of finding water because they have developed deeper root system.

When you mow your lawn, it is best to remove only one-third length of it. Keeping it tall will shade your soil and that means less water for them. When summer comes, your grass needs more mowing as the warm weather will make the grass grow quicker.

Don’t mow when the soil or grass are wet, it can cause damage to the lawn and it will prevent it from having a healthy lawn.

Water your lawn properly

It is important that you water your lawn in the right way! A grass that lacks water will start to change its color causing it to stay flat when walked on.

To prevent it from happening water your lawn early in the morning, 2-3 times a week (As mention to our article “What is the best time to run your sprinkler?”) and deeply, that will soak in the ground into the roots. You can use a soaker hose or low-angle sprinkler to boost efficiency.

Don’t water in the middle of the day or nightfall; your grass will not have enough time to dry off.

Aerate your lawn

Lastly, you have to aerate your lawn. This method lets the air and water in to the root zone of the grass, this is important for them to gain the right nutrients. This is the best way to manage your lawns, especially those who are affected by drought and water logging.

Aeration is conducted by making small holes in the soil at a certain interval and depths. You can use a garden fork or specially tools that are made for this.

Caring for your lawn may be tiring and time consuming but with these tips it can lessen the work, and while you may not appreciate the process, your lawn pays you back for all the hard work and produces cool breeze for your home.

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