Fixing Leaks & Clogs

Fixing Leaks

& Clogs

Fixing Leaks and Clogs

Have you ever wondered why your lawn is still wet even though the system is shut off?  Have you seen your sprinkler head having hard time rising or it is not flowing constantly? Better check it! You may have leaks in different part of the sprinkler and worst it is clogged! Afraid or having hard time looking for the problem? Give us a call today! Let the expert take care of it. 

Signs of Leaking in Irrigation

A leak in your irrigation system is a big No it means you’re wasting water. You usually encounter this when something drives over the sprinkler head and damages it, but sometimes the seal inside the sprinkler will wear out. How can you recognize the leak before it will cost you a lot? 

One of the major points in spotting leaks is when you see that the lawn is constantly wet and soggy. Sometimes that boggy feel underfoot indicates a problem with the irrigation system. Check to see if the wet spot is also lower than the surrounding lawn and if it is wet after rain even when the irrigation system is not in use. Suspect that the system has a leak near the wet spots. 

Another one is when your lawn is dying, seeing a brown spot free of grass or your lawn is having too many waters on it, that’s the one! Looking at your lawn, it should have enough water, not too much, not too little when you use a sprinkler system.  

You can also check the water meter for changes, don’t wait until you see the bill is higher than the usual. Better call Orlando Sprinkler Pros we will fix it in no time!

Clogged problems on sprinkler

Clogged on your sprinkler heads are one of the most common problems you may encounter. The sprinkler head may be having a hard time rising or water may not flow consistently, these defects are signs that there may be a problem with the sprinkler.   

Your sprinkler may have been running for years which can result in sand and dirt getting into the spray head. Using it for that long can also make debris trapped in the nozzle. This can result to make the water stop altogether, or it can cause to spray a shorter distance leaving the other lawns dry.  

When debris gets into the head of a sprinkler that usually means a replacement is required. If the clog can’t still be fixed after the replacement, you may need the assistance of an expert technician.

Orlando Sprinkler Pros

We offer an irrigation service that is fast, efficient, and professionally done the work for you. We specialize in irrigation installation, sprinkler repair, and other types of issues with irrigation systems as well. Give us a call to get started on repairing your sprinkler system. Your home is our priority!

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