How Often Should You Water Your Lawn?

Have you ever wondered how your neighbor’s lawn looks perfect? The one that most homeowners admire, they used a sprinkler and you used one too. But still, there is a big difference between having a healthy lawn than just a green one.

Now is the right time to step up and follow some lawn maintenance practices that will help you achieve a perfect outcome for your lawn. When it comes to proper scheduling for your lawn, there are important factors you need to know; how much moisture your plant needs, the type of soil, the weather, and the plant species.

Luckily, a sprinkler system is there to help you to have that wonderful lawn. But the question is.

How often should you water your lawn with a sprinkler system?

Sadly, it is not easy to set a plan for your water schedule, watering the grass may require you to do it once the leaf blades start to twine and when it looks dry. Especially in the summer season, your lawn goes dormant and that means they need more moisture. For dry or wet winter, they don’t need that much water. It would depend mostly on the weather condition on how much water your plants need.

Most homeowners don’t know the significance of what time of the day you should set your sprinklers to run. Either early morning or late in the afternoon is the best schedule to water your plants and this will prevent the moisture to hang on the leaf surfaces during nightfall. Watering at night is a big NO it will make your plants sick and decay fast.

While it may seem to contradict, your lawn is healthier if you water them less regularly but deeply. Preferably when you water the plants, it should reach about 4 to 6 inches underground so that the root system can have some water too. There is a technique to know how long the sprinklers will run until it reaches this depth, you can use same sized cans 6 of them. Then set your sprinkler to run for 20 to 30 minutes, when the time passed, measure how much water is in each can. Add the measurements and divide them by six to get an average depth.

The only time a flower or grass needs to be watered frequently is when it is new, they need water for their roots to be fully developed. 

Remember that erosion has a negative impact on your yard, and you can avoid it by ensuring that you stick to the right watering schedule. And also, some municipal government has a mandatory restriction about water supplies so make sure that you are aware of it. 

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