Why is your Sprinkler valve not coming on?

The valve plays an important role in your sprinkler system, and it works perfectly fine when it is cared right. A Sprinkler valve can develop a problem like the water in the system is not shutting off, you need to check the controller and wires and see if they are okay. If yes, then the issue is with the valve itself.

Take a look at the most common problems you may encounter with your sprinkler valves.

Common Problems with Valves

Stuck Valve – The valve can get stick sometimes, usually, this is caused by rocks or debris preventing it from closing properly. Making it hard for the water to pass through the line and up to the sprinkler head resulting in your lawns dying.

Irregular watering – Uneven watering does not directly mean there is a problem with the sprinkler valves, there are other cases that can cause it. There are three possible causes you can use to distinguish the issue; one is you have attached the wrong head to the sprinkler valve. Two is the sprinkler valve is too far from each other, and lastly, is you have set a different schedule for other areas causing it to be confused.

Wiring – When your controller has been programmed correctly but the sprinkler valve won’t come on you need to inspect the wiring. Start looking at the connections one by one and see if there is corrosion.  If you have discovered one it needs to be cut away. If the sprinkler is still not working properly, it needs to be rewired and for that, you need to call in a professional.

Why is my Sprinkler Valve not coming on?

A lot of people have this kind of problem with their sprinkler valve, and the question is always why is it not coming on? What is happening? How can I fix this? We hear your frustrations and we are here to ease your worry in dealing with this.

Having knowledge on what to look for and what to do with this type of scenario is better than panicking and not knowing anything at all. First is you need to make sure that the problem really lies with the valve, if not check the other parts. If you are certain that the sprinkler valve itself is the main root, then let’s talk about what might cause it.

Short Solenoid on Sprinkler Valve - The solenoid is the one controlling the water pressure and it is receiving an electric current from the controller directing what needs to be adjusted. This allows the sprinkler system to run and provide things for you but when the solenoid is bad or short the sprinkler can develop problems.

Trouble with Diaphragm Valve – You may notice that the water does not shut off from the set schedule, there are a a lot of reasons to see what causes it. One is to check if the diaphragm is blocked, if it is, the diaphragm needs to be clean and the filter should be replaced.

Unreliable wiring on Sprinkler Valve – If one or two wires are not connected properly, this will result in the zone not switching on. This may require rewiring it but only if the wires are not in line with each other, call professionals to handle this to avoid causing more damage.

Controller is way off – The flow controller might be tight if this is the case the pressure is so bad that the water may not go up to the sprinklers. The screw needs to be loosened all the way for the pressure to be released.

After you have inspected everything that we discussed and the sprinkler valve is still not coming on, we may need to check and see the other areas in your lawn. Call us today and have it fixed in no time.

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