Best 5 Stores to Buy Lawn Care Tools

Are you looking for the best tools to use in taking care of your lawn? Are you having a hard time searching for stores? Or you just don’t have time to go to and prefer those who have online stores?

No need to look far and browse for more! Today we will share the 5 best stores to choose from for your lawn care needs!

Spruce up your garden and get it in shape with the best lawn tools available in the market.

The Best 5 stores in the US to buy lawn care tools

It’s more fun to tend to your lawn and landscapes when you have the right tools and the stores that provide them. Every year store upgrades its tools – matching them to your lawn care needs, making sure that no leaves will be left behind.

Everything you need for lawn care is provided by these companies, from tools and irrigation supplies to lawn care and gardening supplies.


The first one on our list is Sears, a company known as an American retailer of general merchandise, home appliances, clothing, lawn tools and equipment, and so on. In short, Sears has everything!

Sears sells different tools and equipment for your lawn care, from shovels and spades, rakes, sprayers, to wheelbarrows and carts. With a lot of options, to choose from you can fill up your shed in no time. There are four brands you can choose from when shopping in sears, Craftsman, BLACK+DECKER, Corona Clipper, and Fiskars. These brands are popular in creating lawn care tools over the years and feature in different sites for having the best tools in cutting, trimming, planting, and mowing.

Sears prices range from $20 for gloves, pots, etc. to $400 for leaf blowers and lawnmowers. Currently, they are offering up to 25% off for Lawn and Garden. Hurry and check out their site or visit their branches near you!

True Value

If you are looking for a store that offers the best lawn care tools at a great price? Choose True Value hardware. They are known for their broad and diversified variety of merchandise from home improvement, lawn and garden tools, automotive supplies, hand & power tools, to lawn & garden furniture & accessories. 

True Values is known for its excellent customer and true to life commitment. And their goal is to simply help their customers enhance, beautify and maintain their home.  

Even during the pandemic True Value stays on its feet and continues serving people as its motto is “Locally Strong” and hope is the strategy that keeps them going. (Source: Forbes)

True Value Prices start at $3.99 for a garden bulb, garden knife, to $360 for different types of mowers. True Value partners with different famous brands and they offer free shipping to their stores.

Ace Hardware

You can’t exclude Ace Hardware on your list as they are the world's largest hardware retail cooperative. If you want your lawn to the best one in your neighborhood then you need quality gardening tools from Ace Hardware.  

Their Lawn & garden tools and equipment has a feature that handles even the most difficult job, their selection includes:

  • Axes, Picks and Sledgehammers
  • Forks, Hoes and Rakes
  • Turf Tools
  • Hand Garden Tools
  • Post Hole Diggers
  • Pruning and Trimming Tools
  • Scoops, Shovels and Spades
  • Vegetable Hooks and Fruit Pickers
  • Specialty Tools and Garden Products

You should check their sites or stores from time to time as Ace Hardware has a sale each week. Their price range is from $20 up to $500 depending on the brand and equipment. They also offer tips on how to plant garden beds, add curb appeal to your homes, and many more.

W.W. Grainger

Grainger is America’s trusted source for MRO supplies and industrial products. They offer millions of products to choose from and they made it possible and easy to check online and making a mobile app.

With that their prices start at $5 to $1,000. They are expensive, but the quality of their tools and equipment is superb. For companies, they offer a 50% discount on stuff depending on the items.

In 2018, W.W. Grainger is on the top 5 list for the best hardware in the United States and they have the fastest delivery – even next day delivery is possible with Grainger. Go and visit their site for the things you need for your lawn care.

Warshaw Hardware

You probably are not familiar with Warshaw Hardware, they are popular in New York City. Their family has been serving and helping city residents in the home improvement line for three generations. Warshaw hardware is being recommended to have the highest-quality brands according to customers who have experienced it.

They offer to rent tools and equipment that are expensive with less than the full price, making you save money. Warshaw Hardware is known as the friendly hardware in the neighborhood and their prices are far more reasonable than those biggest hardware stores. 

You can even order items that you don’t have with them and immediately get them delivered to your front door.

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