Rain Sensors

In this day and age conserving and proper usage of water is important in someone’s life. How can we help to conserve and protect our resources? How are we supposed to do that? It’s simple, we find ways to lessen our usage, start by turning off that faucet while brushing your teeth. Set a timer and controller to your sprinkler, so you won’t be wasting water and killing your lawn for watering it too much.

There is a product that can help you save water to use it later, it is called a rain sensor.  The sensor is used to detect the rain and generate an alarm to warn you. This is one of the methods accessible for conserving, using it we can increase the level of underground water. You can use this one for irrigation, automobiles, and communication. 

Importance of Rain Sensors

It is an important addition to your sprinkler system; this helps your sprinkler to detect incoming rain. And automatically tell your timer to turn off the irrigation system. This element is important in water conservation since it removes unnecessary watering cycles by your sprinkler. A rain sensor should know within 30 secs to 3 minutes upon receiving moisture, whether it needs to turn your system off or not.

 How does it work?

A rain sensor is a device use to communicate with your sprinkler timer letting you know about the rainfall levels. These devices simply let you switches the flow of electricity when it detects enough moisture. This can be done a number of different ways depending on the application.

Types of Rain Sensors

There are 3 different types of rain sensor, and each has its own mechanisms, Let's talk about them.

Water collection cup
One of the first irrigation sensors made for your sprinkler. This sensor stops the sprinkler from turning on when the cup fills to a certain level. The problem with this type of rain sensor is that the cup could not distinguish between rain and debris to which can fill the container and when it happens it will automatically interrupt the watering cycle.

Expansion disk
This is a popular type of rain sensor. This is made of a synthetic material similar to cork, it expands when wet. The more it gets wet, the more it expands. Expansion disk rain sensors operate through a gauge attached to the sprinkler system. The expanded disk triggers the switch after a present number of  rainfalls and the system will not resume scheduled cycles until the disk dries out and returns to normal size.


And lastly, the second generation of rain sensors works on the principle of conductivity. There are two levels of electrodes near the bottom of the basin, when a certain level of water reaches an electrode this will cause a circuit and will trip the switch. This type of rain sensor determines debris and water and thus when a debris falls into it, it will not trip the switch. 

When choosing an automatic rain sensor be sure it matches your controller. We don’t want you spending your savings on the wrong sensor. 

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