Troubleshoot Sprinkler System

Your lawn and landscape irrigation system should work smoothly for many seasons without having any trouble. Eventually, every sprinkler system breaks down, fortunately replacing a single part can restore the system to its full condition. With a rare exception and troubleshooting guidelines, it is possible for most homeowners to repair the system on their own without calling a professional.

Before you begin channeling your inner plumber skills there are a few things you need to be familiar with in order to do the troubleshooting to your sprinkler system flow rate.

How to detect problem in sprinkler system

The sprinkler system has a few basic parts, and it consists of a water source, pipes, sprinklers, timers, and valves. If any one of them goes wrong or malfunction the whole system may stop running leaving your garden dry.

Most people miss the signs that their irrigation system is performing poorly, in some cases, it is flat-out broken. We are here to help you keep your property greener and healthy, we’ve made of the common issues that occur in the sprinkler system and provided you some tips on how to determine them.

Damaged Sprinkler Head

This is the most common part that gets broken, one of the reasons is you set the head too high making it possible to be run over by lawnmowers and cars. Some signs are sprinkler heads that don’t pop up, the water sprays in multiple zones or none at all, and damage of the plastic casing on the sprinkler heads.

To sort out the sprinkler head issue you can start by cleaning the sprinkler heads of any dirt, grass, or debris that is blocking the holes and reset the spray pattern. If the issue is not yet resolved then replacing the sprinkler head is needed.

A Broken or Cracked Pipes

Having a broken or cracked pipes can lead to leaking, making your lawn wet and soggy and in worst case scenario it is flooding throughout your garden. It can be caused by aging pipes; old pipes could not handle strong pressure that passes through them. Another one is tree roots, rarely happen but that is not something you can ignore. If the sewer lines are near the trees it will cause a blockage to the pipes and rupture will occur leading to pipes bursting.

For small or tiny leaks in pipes, use a compound stick available at any hardware stores and simply rub it over the cracked or hole to stop the leak. It is best to turn off the water first before applying it. Burst pipes require a professional, do not try to handle it on your own with a wet and dry PVC cement it needs more than that.

Low Water Pressure

Water may not be rising from the sprinkler head due to low water pressure, there are a few causes you can think of. 

There is a blockage in the waterline.

There is an increased demand on the water supply.

The valve may not be fully open.

There is a leak or break in the waterline.

If one of these are the causes you can start by cleaning the sprinkler head and remove any debris. Open the valve all the way to release full pressure. For tiny leaks as mention apply compound on it and if the water is in demand reschedule the sprinkler system.

One or two zones are not turning on or stay on

You have arrived at the point that one or more of the sprinkler zones are not working even though it is programmed to do so. The zone will not turn on or off if the timer is working properly, if it is not, it will display a short in the system and designates which number of valves are causing the problem.  To fix it, remove the timer’s faceplate and look for any fuse that is burnt. 

Take note that not all systems include fuse so you have to check. Then replace the burnt fuse with the same or compatible model. It should match you otherwise are wasting money. After you have replaced it, turn on the system and cycle through each zone.

Another cause is the valve wiring connection, timers are connected to the underground valves that are providing water to the separate sprinkler areas. If it is not working properly the wire between the timers and the valve may be disconnected or broken. To inspect, remove the protective cover from your timer and valve box and check all the wiring connections. If one wiring seems to be worn or crimped replace it.

Once you have performed all the necessary troubleshooting but still the sprinkler system issue is not yet resolved please call an expert, they are much experienced in handling this kind of situation.

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