Having a timer for your irrigation system is essential this will lessen your worries, especially when you're busy. The timer can help you schedule what time the sprinkler to turn on and turn off. We have an offer that will completely make you save money 100%, Our timers come in analog and digital. The good thing about the timer is you can automatically connect with your Wi-fi and device of your choice; in that way, you can monitor it easily.  

Common problems when a timer does not work

The timer gets disconnected – trouble occurs when it gets unplugged or if the electricity goes out, it may affect the clock settings of the day. If you find out that your sprinklers aren’t running even though it is on schedule, check the display and see if the clock and day are correct. 

Trouble in the water cycle - when a watering cycle won’t begin in the scheduled start time and also the length of irrigation time isn’t programmed into the sprinkler timer.   

Defective timer - When you check the display and it does not match the clock and day, you may reprogram it, however, if the timer still doesn’t work, that is defective. 

Areas not watered - If you discover that other areas are being left out from being watered after you expect them to be watered at all. You need to check to make sure that your zone settings are in place and set correctly.  

Sprinklers are not working at all – You went out for a bit, and you expect that your lawns are all watered, but when you came home it didn’t. There are times that you often forget that you have turned off your sprinklers due to rain or simply you changed your settings to a manual in order to permit an extra watering cycle. 

However, if kids were playing outside and they flip and switch the timer without your permission, that might be one of the reasons why the timer is not working. It would be best to check it from time to time. 

Valve connection - This problem occurs when the timer is connected to the underground valves that give water to separate sprinkler zones. If the sprinklers aren’t working properly the wiring between the timers and the valve might be broken or disconnected.

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