10 Tips on Keeping Your Lawn in Great Condition

Is your lawn screaming for help? Is it getting bald, mossy, or infested with weeds? If yes, then you need to do something! Gardens and plants need plenty of care and attention, keeping them healthy and green may be tiring and requires a lot of work but having them helps you to have a cool breeze.

We know that not everyone has the time to treat and maintain their lawns, luckily, the secret to having a perfect lawn is something everyone can learn and do.

Follow this simple advice to keep your lawn looking green and vibrant.

10 tips on how to keep your lawn in great condition

Is it that time of the year again where your lawn needs your attention? Time to get those tools out and start prepping for the incoming season. With these 10 maintenance tips, you will have a greener and beautiful landscape in no time.

Its Mowing time

Spring has come and you know what that means right? It's time to mow! Mowing your lawn is important, but most people are mowing it the wrong way.

Mow the right way

  • Keep your mower blades sharp. If your blades are dull, it will rip the top of the grass instead of cutting it, making the healing process longer and tough.
  • When your lawn is wet, don’t mow it. Wet grass isn’t standing to its full height at this time, cut it and it will be uneven.
  • Be sure to have a few inches when you intersect each pass to make sure that there won’t be tall patches in the middle of your yard.
  • And lastly, modify your mowing pattern as much as possible. Mowing in several patterns is preventing ruts to your lawn with the wheels in your mower and helps the grass to grow more upright.

Start Fresh

To start have you decided to Sod or Seed? Let us help you decide.

Using sod for your garden will let you have an extraordinary lawn and fast. But, with sod, the possibility to have a different type of grass can be limited and expensive.

When seeding it is more flexible but it requires more work for you. You need the soil to be prepped, seeded, and take care of it until it matures and enough to support growth on its own. It is cheaper and if you are looking forward to having a different species of grass to plant in your lawn then seeding is the best choice for you.

Plant your seed at the right time

Don’t just plant your seed anytime and anywhere, do it at the right time. Your lawn needs reseeding every now and then to fill in bare patches or to thicken the lawns.

Seeding is far more successful in the spring season and it will have slow growth progress when the weather is cold. So, the fall season is the best time to plant your seed. 

When you are reseeding, you need to mow your lawn first. Just cut it a little shorter than usual and pick the right seed for your lawn. One more thing, before you plant the seed; you might want to spread a thin layer of enriched soil over your lawn, do not cover it, just a light layer that the current grass can easily peek through. After that fill your spreader and spread it over the lawn.

Feed your Lawn

The soil could not provide all the nutrients your plant needs, it is best to add fertilizer to it especially when it is necessary. Before you add and buy a fertilizer you need to determine what type of grass you have.

For warm-season grass, it should be fertilized in the spring as they come out of dormancy. For cool-season grasses, it should be fertilized heavily in the fall and lightly in the early spring.

Having a hard time to what kind of fertilizer to use? Start with a slow-release fertilizer. Spread it between 6 and 8 weeks instead of every 4.

Water your lawn

Grass needs plenty of water. Depending on the area where you live nature provides enough water for your lawn but when you live in an area where rain is almost impossible you need to water it regularly.

You are using a sprinkler? Yay! Depending on the type of sprinkler water, your lawn between 20 to 30 minutes twice a week. Remember to water early in the morning and avoid watering between 11 am and 3 pm.

Remove the Thatch

You might be wondering why you have to de-thatch. Simply because it causes the run-off and keeps the excess water and fertilizer from reaching the roots of your lawn. Mainly caused by overwatering, over mowing, and overfertilizing.

You need to inspect your lawn to know if you need to de-thatch, if yes. Remove the thatch, and the brown spots will go away.


The three main things to have a perfect lawn is sunlight, moisture, and good drainage. They should be there for your lawn because if any of the three is missing, your lawn will suffer.

Check your drainage from time to time. Poor drainage can lead to flooding, and this may lead to the grass and plants dying.

Every spring and autumn season go round your lawn with a fork and aerate it. If you see any holes, fill them with sand to discourage weeds.

Check Weather

You have to pay attention to the weather. The mowing and watering schedule will be affected depending on the weather. You don’t need to water your lawn when it just rained recently and as mentioned above don’t mow when the grass is wet. 

Eradicate the Weed

Do not let the weeds grow in your lawn! Remove them before they take control over your yard. Sadly, there is no technique to stop them from growing, but there is a trick! Pull them out before they start sprouting.

Weeds often feed with fertilizer so make sure to put fertilizer only when needed, don’t give food to the pest. The same goes for watering. Better to water on an irregular schedule and water it deeply.

If pulling them out with your hands is not your thing, use the weed defense – herbicide. This works by killing the germinating seeds in the soil. Use only the amount required, overuse will kill your lawn.

Aerate your Lawn

A hole in your lawn is one of the maintenance tips. It may seem ineffective but it helps. To do this, you need to poke holes in your lawn. With this it allows the air, water, fertilizer, and the news seeds to pierce through the soil easier. Making your grass create a strong root.

The growing season is the best time to perform aeration, use an aerator that removes plugs of grass and soil that are between 2 and 3 inches deep and 2 and 3 inches apart.

Taking care of your lawn requires a lot of your attention and time but at the end of the day, looking at your beautiful and healthy garden eases your stress. Plus, you get to enjoy a nice view and keep in mind you are also helping the environment.

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