Best Lawn Fertilizers

Fertilizers are great supplements for your lawn; they are very easy to use and cost-effective. They will help make your lawn greener, and your grass will grow fast in a short period of time. Fertilizers are the most trusted by gardeners and recommended by experts to use.

From our previous article, we have shared with you the importance of fertilizer to your lawn (Insert link). If you are unsure of what is the right fertilizer for you, no need to worry we’ve got you!

Through research and test, we have gathered a list of the best fertilizers you can choose from and use for your lawn.

Best Lawn Fertilizers

A healthy and beautiful lawn is a pride and joy of every homeowner, and fertilizer can help you with that. Fertilization promotes fine turfs, minimizes weeds and pests, and is eminent to soils. Check out these fertilizers and pick the one that is right for your soil and lawn.

Scotts Green Max Fertilizer

Looking for a fertilizer that is easy to use and can grow green grass? Then this is for you. Scotts Green Max is the type of fertilizer that can give you greener grass in the shortest span of 3 days. This will help your lawn by boosting the iron that will not just make your grass greener but at the same time, it will make it thicker and stronger.

This is a high-quality fertilizer that will support the growth of your grass while killing the weeds. Improve your lawn’s health and use this fertilizer especially in warmer seasons.

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Lawn Food

This is the type of fertilizer to use if you want a quick result to your lawn, it is called miraculous for that reason. Fast as a flash of lightning, this fertilizer is created to give the right nutrients that are needed for your lawn’s development.

For every five pounds of a container, it can cover up to 5,000 square feet of lawn due to its water-soluble design. It can last longer than any fertilizers in the market so apply every five weeks. This is mid-range fertilizer and easy to apply; the downside is this is not advisable to use for homeowners who have pets for they can be harmful to them.

Scotts Turf Builder

This is the best fertilizer for well established-lawn, it has high levels of elements such as nitrogen and potassium and works well for lawns that need improvement and saving. This type of fertilizer will help your lawn build a stronger root and produces a fast-growing of your grass.

This is best added to warm and cool-season grasses, Scott's turf builder is used in areas where drought and fewer water reigns. This fertilizer does not need a lot of work, just spread it to your soil and wait for the result.

Epsoma Elf20

This is known as the best organic fertilizer in the market of this year. It is safe to use and promotes healthy grass growth. This fertilizer takes time before you can see results, it’s an organic product. It works but unlike other ones it is slow. It makes your roots stronger, deep, and the blades can grow long and becomes thick.

Good news to pet lovers out there, this is safe to use for your lawns and it will not harm your pets. You also don’t need to worry about burning your lawn because of how long its process. However, with its current price, it is expensive but hey it will definitely be worth it to use.

Milorganite 0636 Fertilizer

Another organic fertilizer on the list is Milorganite 0636, this is safe for children and pets even after application. Children and pets can walk into it. This fertilizer contains nitrogen and microbes that can help with the growth and brings nutrients to the soil.

It has a smell that can help pests and animals away from your yard, however, you can also smell the odor too. Just be sure to wear a mask if the smell does not suit you.

Simple Lawn Solutions

Are you looking for a fertilizer that has nutrients and at the same time organic? Simple lawn solution is for you. It has the perfect balance for your lawn, it is full of key nutrients and has some organic ingredients. What more can you ask for?

The Simple lawn solutions are the best fertilizer to use in order to have a healthy and beautiful lawn. This is a liquid type of fertilizer that works well for new lawns, it is providing all the nutrients for your lawn. This is also easy to apply, safe, and rich in nutrients formula.

Hope this list helps you choose what is right for your lawn. We have chosen only the best fertilizers that you can find in the market. However, by the end of the day, you will be the one who decides which one will work, so consider your budget, your lawn needs and the kind of look you want.

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