Irrigation system needs a maintenance, sprinklers need TLC too. Having a good maintenance program can prolong the lifespan of the irrigation equipment and it will keep running efficiently. Orlando Sprinkler Pros offers a program of complete checkup, you can choose to do it monthly or Bimonthly.  Call us today, set the schedule, and let us do the rest. We are delighted to serve you!

Why having an irrigation maintenance is important?

It is important because having it check and maintain can help it running for years and for that, it helps you lessen the worries and problems with watering your plants and lawns. Without a well-running irrigation system, your plants may end up to dry and worst died from not having enough water.

There are three types of schedule of maintenance;

Daily maintenance requires checking for the wet and dry areas, monitor the pump system, and checking of the controller to make sure it is working properly. 

Weekly maintenance is to observe the sprinkler operation and making sure they are properly rotating. Check for leaks and clogged too. 

Monthly maintenance this requires a professional to check the whole sprinkler system, which involves the pump, valve, timer, hose, and the center of the irrigation system. It needs to be maintained properly to avoid causing problems in the future and also to avoid having a costly bill. 

When is maintenance needed?

Problems occur at the most crucial time or sometimes happen when you least expect them to.  There are several small issues that needed to be check and maintain. For instance, having a leak should be fixed immediately. The sprinkler head becomes clogged, it should be unclogged as quickly as possible. If maintenance isn’t fixing the problem then you need an expert technician to do the job.

What do Orlando Sprinklers Pros offer?

We offer only the best sprinkler system installation, sprinkler repair, and sprinkler maintenance services. We have fixed every possible sprinkler problem you can encounter. Different homeowners and commercial properties have come and ask us to do their irrigation system and satisfied with the results.

Do you do work on the spot?

Yes, we understand that there are problems that need immediate attention and thus we provide the service work on the spot. Call us today, and we will fix it right away!

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Sprinkler system that is maintained by Orlando Sprinkler Pros is one of the best investments you can do as a homeowner. Don’t wait for the worst, call Orlando Sprinkler Pros now. Your home is our Priority!

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