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Having a professional who can help you install and fix your front and backyard for your home is wonderful. Having a sprinkler system ensures that the greenery on your property receives the proper water it needs; it can also save you time and money on your water bill. 

The amazing thing it does is improves the overall value of your home. Here in Sprinkler Orlando Pros, we provide only the best sprinkler system installation, sprinkler repair, and sprinkler maintenance services. We have fixed every possible sprinkler problem you can encounter. Different homeowners and commercial properties have come and ask us to do their irrigation system and satisfied with the results. 

Why do you need to check on your sprinklers? 

Sprinkler systems need a little extra care to keep them working efficiently and effectively. Overlooking the issue can cost you a lot. It can lead to a dry lawn, damaged homes and landscapes as well as properties that are saturated with water, and worst is wasting the precious resources.    

People miss the signs that their sprinkler system is performing poorly, or in some cases, is flat-out broken. That is why it is important to check on them frequently since they are placed above the ground and can easily get damaged and misdirected.   

Common issues you encounter with sprinklers

1.) Broken sprinkler heads – You might be wondering why it is broken, again? A couple of scenarios comes to mind that can result in cracked, broken, bent, or snapped off sprinkler heads. One is if someone steps on it, the force awakens and crush it. Another one would be the Lawnmower, that monster - don’t get me wrong they are very helpful but sometimes we are not paying attention and just run through the sprinkler head. 


2.) PVC failures – The pipe is the lifeline of the irrigation system but often taken for granted.  Common mistakes that would result in PVC failure are improper installation techniques and rough handling of PVC. We know how lightweight they are but because of that we sometimes drop them and that can result in undetected fractures. To avoid causing problems in the future handle it with care.

3.) Sprinkler controller – This can be frustrating your controller is out of control, for example, is it showing a blank display? Inactive? Does your system water at times that it shouldn’t? And the most problem with it is valve failure but no need to panic, Orlando Sprinkler Pros is here to help homeowners like you. No matter how big or small the issues you may be facing, we have experts that can assist you. Contact us today!

Call Orlando Sprinkler Pros for your Irrigation system needs!  

Need a Professional who can help you with the system? Whether it can be, wanting to switch over from manual sprinklers to an irrigation system. The need to fix your current irrigation system and other issues with the sprinkler system! Don’t wait for it to get worst, give us a call at Orlando Sprinkler Pros. Your home is always our priority!

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