Reasons Your Lawn Looks in Bad Shape 

Are you having trouble with your lawn? Does it have to do with how it looks? We know how important a lawn should be, healthy and lush: the care that you put into it will reflect. However, a certain maintenance routine can do more harm than good.

There are several reasons why your lawn looks like that, less appealing. No matter how many times you try to fix it the result will still be the same. Unless your lawn is made of crabgrass than real grass?

Nevertheless, lawns can be affected and die from pest or insect infestations, too much mowing, and many more.

5 reasons why your lawn looks in a bad shape

Today we will be discussing the top 5 causes to why your lawn looks like that, let’s check it out!

Poor Lawn Maintenance

You might disagree but no matter what kind of maintenance you have searched and applied, if you don’t practice the right way your lawn will wither and die. That can be stressful to homeowners, start maintaining your lawn properly. Hire a professional if needed.

Some of the examples of poor lawn care are mowing your grass too short or scalping it, Lack of leaf removal, poor choice of soil, and improper watering.

Watering for too long and at the wrong time

Speaking of improper watering many things come to mind, one of them is watering your lawn too much. It’s not advisable to water your lawn every day even in the summer. If you water them daily there is a high chance that the root system becomes shallow in which makes the grass exposed to pest and diseases.

Do a deep watering to the grass it is a far better way to let it nourish and gives time for the roots to absorb it. You can do it once a week, another way is to break the 30-minutes time into two, 15 minutes for the first cycle then afterwards followed by the second 15 minutes. This will help your grass establish deep and stronger roots in the long run.

The second one, the right time to water your lawn. Yes, time is essential not just at work but for your lawn too. Watering late in the afternoon and even in the evening is not good. Your grass will not have time to dry and face night winds and evaporation. It will be too much to handle for your lawn and worst your grass will be open to fungus. 

The best time to water is an hour before sunrise from 5 to 8 in the morning. You can make the most of your water usage and gives your lawn time to dry.

Improper Mowing

Your lawn will thin out fast if you mow it too short or scalp it more than what is allowed. Do not cut or scalp it to the point they make contact with the soil. Also, don’t use the dull mower blades; they will rip off the ends of your grass instead of giving a clean cut. 

What will happen to your grass? Aside from the uneven cuts, this will cause the moisture to taper and remove the frayed ends, making it possible for pathogens to set foot in your turf. Making your grass dry and susceptible to diseases. Sharpen your mower blades before mowing.

Do not mow when it is wet, I repeat don’t do it. Wet grass is not on its standing point and will only harm your turf. It will cause clippings to clump and spread diseases and weeds all throughout the yard.


Leaving debris like leaves, twigs or sticks, sands, and gears will affect your lawn. Your grass can die because of this; you better clean up the debris before they will compact the soil and mulch the surface of the lawn. Who doesn’t want an organized yard, right? 

Pull out those weeds that ruin the looks of your lawn, don’t ignore them or it will be hard to handle them when they multiply.

Eliminate Insects and Avoid Diseases

Insects are important to the environment but sadly not for your lawn, they bring more harm than good to your yard. Not all bugs and spiders are bad some are very beneficial to your lawn, so don’t go spraying insecticide to every insect you see. 

For instance, ladybugs attack aphids, Bees pollinating your plants and flowers, and spiders help you get rid of unwanted insects by eating them. So, make sure that you don’t get rid of the insects that are helpful.

Don’t let your grass catch diseases it will thin out the patches in your lawn. Be mindful of the seasons, leaf spot in spring, summer lawn patch diseases tend to leave scars and pits, and also brown patch appears in summer. Avoid diseases by applying the right way of lawn care.

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