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About Us

Orlando Sprinkler Pros is a company that is deeply involved in irrigation systems and services. We have developed fast, reliable, and very effective ways to deal with different kinds of problems with your sprinklers.

Our Services

We offer different kinds of services that ensure homeowners are getting the best quality for their sprinkler system. We aim to bring our clients a sprinkler system that is made for them. 

Sprinkler Repairs

Dream of having a greener and beautiful garden but doesn’t have time to take care of them? Especially watering them every day? A sprinkler is all you need! It plays a big part in helping you maintain that greenery property of yours. But who is going to take care of your sprinkler? We are! We have the best and skilled crew who handles installation, replacement, repair, and keeping your sprinkler running!  

Fixing Leaks and Clogs

Damage by a lawnmower, vehicle, or stomped to can cause cracks in the sprinkler head, leading to leakage. Sometimes being used all throughout the years makes the seal wear out causing it to leak and burst out on the pipes. These are the few common issues you will encounter if you overlook a small situation with your sprinkler. Don’t wait for it to happen, call Orlando Sprinkler Pros now and prevent any mess that would make you use your savings! 

Boiler Drain Installation

We offer you our service in installing a new hose and boiler drainer at a competitive price. We bring you to the modern way of taking care of your landscapes leaving your worries behind. 


Every minute is important, we know the struggle of going outside, to stand, and to water the plants by hand. We have a solution for you! We have made it with the best material you can find. Our timer comes in analog and digital; we made it easier for you to monitor and check your sprinkler. 


Our sprinkler maintenance service monitors your irrigation system, and we offer regular inspections to check leaks, clogged, or any part failures. You can choose monthly or bi-monthly which is more convenient for you.   


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