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Need a Professional who can help you with the system? Whether it can be, wanting to switch over from manual sprinklers to an irrigation system. Everything you need is here in Orlando Sprinkler Pros! Serving our customers in Lake Mary 32746 with the quality they deserved!

About Us

Orlando Sprinkler Pros takes care of more than just your lawn. We take care of your sprinkler system. Our well-trained team provides excellent installment, replacement, and other issues with the system. 

Our Services

We offer an irrigation service that is fast, efficient, and professionally done the work for you.

Our goal is to keep your sprinkler run smoothly at the same time conserve water. We offer a professional sprinkler repair service in all Orlando areas.   

Sprinkler Repairs

A broken PVC or a malfunctioning sprinkler head will flood your lawn and make a costly mess. We don’t want that to happen to your home! Orlando Sprinkler Pros will fix it for you, we work quickly to assess any problems and give you repair options. So that your system will be up and running in no time. 

Fixing Leaks and Clogs

Clogged on your sprinkler heads are one of the most common problems you may encounter. The sprinkler head may be having a hard time rising or water may not flow consistently, these defects are signs that there may be a problem with the sprinkler. You need our skilled technician to check and fix the issue, what are you waiting for? Call us now!

Boiler Drain Installation

Having trouble with one of your hose? Does it have a hole on it or does it spray too much water? You might be thinking a tape can fix this? Please don’t, some issues can’t be fixed with just a tape and it might get worse. Prevent that to happen call Orlando Sprinkler Pros for your hose needs! 


Worrying about the timer issue? You don’t have to, we can help you with that! Installation, setting, and repairing your timer, name it, we have it!
We offer only the best together with our highly qualified and professional technicians we take care of your home! Call us today, set the date, and let us handle the rest. 


The best system would mean nothing if it is not well-maintained. Orlando Pros offers monthly and seasonal maintenance that keeps your sprinkler running smoothly. And the best thing is we provide a complete checkup for you. Other services include changing your timers to match seasonal water needs. 


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All our services are available, to inquire please feel free to call us and talk to one of our experts.

 Don't let worst happen to your garden! 

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Excellent sprinkler service in Lake Mary 32746


Irrigation Services

Some irrigation repairs that require immediate attention can be done on the spot.    
Larger repairs may require a second trip, but as your irrigation specialists, we’re happy to do it.


Residential & Commercial 32746

We cater to residents and commercials in Lake Mary 32746. Providing you excellent advice for your system.



Book a schedule with us for your maintenance needs. And Let our team do the rest.
We provide different options base on your needs and will be glad to assist you.

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