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Casselberry Sprinkler Repair Service

Looking for a sprinkler repairs in Casselberry 32707? No need to look far, we can help you with that! Orlando Sprinkler Pros can install and fix your sprinkler irrigation system. Having a professional who can help you with your home and landscapes are wonderful! 

About Us

At Orlando Sprinkler Pros, we offer a variety of services all related to Sprinkler repair in Orlando. Our highly qualified professionals have been carrying out the work in installation and maintenance with the homeowners and commercial properties in Casselberry in many years. We offer fast, reliable, and affordable services.

Our Services

Orlando Sprinkler Pros provides you a fast, high-quality, efficient, and assist you professionally.  We want you to have a beautiful, green property that minimizes water waste, saves time and money. Give us a call today and give that lawn a sprinkle. 

Sprinkler Repairs

Having any troubles with your sprinkler system? Something to do with a broken head or perhaps with the pipes? Whether it is PVC, copper, or cast iron, we can fix it for you!   
Sprinkler systems need extra care to keep them working efficiently and effectively. Overlooking the system problem can lead to dry and damaged homes and landscapes as well as properties that are saturated with water, worst wasting precious resources.  

Fixing Leaks and Clogs

If you have experienced leaking on the sprinkler system, it is because it became worn over time, sometimes it is damaged by foot traffic, moving, and other lawn care services. Having Leaks in your sprinklers can end up wasting water, causing your utility bills to skyrocket. They can result in having no control and pressure loss, causing your greenery property to dry. With our expert technicians, it can be fixed in no time.  

Boiler Drain Installation

Is your hose not long enough to reach the other side of your home? Is it preventing your lilies to grow? Well, that can be frustrating. No need to worry we can do it for you!   


Our analog and digital timers are proven to help you save your money 100%. The sprinkler timer can be set to open, run, and closed the valve at a specified time. It can also be connected to smart devices which will automatically calculate when and how long the system should run and should shut off when it’s raining.


We offer complete system checkup, monthly, or Bi-monthly of your choice. Book a schedule with us, wait for a confirmation and we will do the rest. We provide different options base on your needs and will be glad to assist you. 

Call Us Now

To find out more about any of the above mentioned services feel free to call our office to speak with a professional about your inquiries. We are here for you during business hours for all your inquiries, and as well bring you an after hours service that you can reach for emergency repair services. Call us now:

Sprinkler Repair Casselberry 32707


Sprinkler Repair 32707

Fast affordable sprinkler repair service covering all Casselberry zip codes. Call us today for a fast quote. 


Residential & Commercial

We offer a sprinkler repair service to all residential and commercial business owners in the Casselberry area. Fast quote service. 


Fast Service

Get a same day service in the Casselberry area. Our fully trained and professional service technicians will be with you within hours. 

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