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Irrigation services in Apopka 32712

Looking for a company that can take care of your lawn in Apopka 32712? Professionally? Worry no more! Here at Orlando Sprinkler Pros, we bring you the highest quality of services for your sprinkler system needs. 

About Us

Orlando Sprinkler Pros gives you a complete solution for your sprinkler system needs. It may be through a new installation or repair of your existing system. We are a specialist with years of experience in providing excellent services to our customers.

Our Services

We offer a quality and efficient sprinkler system maintenance that every homeowner like you deserves. Together with our skilled technician let’s make your yard greener as it can be. Call us now and start using a sprinkler repair service. 

Sprinkler Repairs

How effective is your irrigation system? Very or Nah? Is it because it is new? Or old but gold? Newly installed or old
lawn irrigation system still needs to be check regularly to avoid causing future problems.
Orlando Sprinkler Pros offers you fast, reliable, and money-saving solutions for your sprinkler needs. We have taken to a whole new level of providing services by creating exceptional solutions to maintaining a greener and beautiful lawn.

Fixing Leaks and Clogs

Having a sprinkler system is good until leaks and clog occur. A broken head sprinkler may cause this problem. It’s easy to fix a small one but if this goes unnoticed, a major problem can happen and it will cost you a lot and at the same time it is wasting resources. This is why it is best to call a professional sprinkler repair service to determine and repair the issue. Give us a call today!

Boiler Drain Installation

You might be thinking about why you should buy it. It will just add to your expenses! But boiler drain is useful in terms of draining water, residue, and sediment from boiler systems to maximize system efficiency.

You may think that you don’t need it but those lawns and plants are! Call us now and will install it right away!


Tired of manually turning on and off your sprinkler? We have a solution for you! We offer you our smart and money-saving timer that you can use daily. With our timer, you can have an easy way of setting your sprinkler to water your lawn and take note you can connect it to one of your devices with less hassle. Get one yours now! 


We offer the best and complete system checkup. We do it monthly or Bimonthly your choice! Set a schedule with us, confirm the date, and let us do the rest. 

Call Us Now

If you are looking for an expert who can take care of your Irrigation system, feel free to give us a call and talk about our lawn sprinkler maintenance and other sprinkler services. We only want what’s best for your yard! 

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Apopka 32712 Sprinkler Services

Reliable and efficient services offered to all areas in Apopka, Florida 32712. Giving you the best solution for your lawn needs.



Our highly qualified professional will come to your property to assess and repair your problem in no time!


Emergency Services

We accept same-day assessment and repair services. We know how frustrating it is when dealing with unexpected leaks, clogs, and damage PVC. 

Call us today! 

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