Recommended Grass Seeds

Weather can be unpredictable. Today may be sunny but tomorrow may rain, who knows what it will be in the next few days. Homeowners are struggling to set a schedule for the sprinklers, grass and soil are the ones who are greatly affected. 

We love our lawns, but the drought is making it hard to keep them looking beautiful and green. How can you have a long-lasting lawn when you live in a place where rain is impossible? How can we have a perfect lawn when my area always has water restrictions? 

We hear you and we’re here to help you! We made a list of different types of grass that you can grow base on your area, type of soil, and how green you want your lawn to be!

Types of grass growing seeds

Before you seed or sod your lawn you need to know your climate first. Temperature is the biggest factor you need to think about because not all fast-growing grass can endure the temperatures where you live, so choose the right seed for your zone.

For fast-growing grass in the cool season, options are:

  • Rough bluegrass seeds – This will take a week or more to sprout and mature into a fine tall bladed and light-green turf within 5 and a half to 8 weeks of seeding.
  • Tall fescue seeds – These needs seven to twelve days to germinate. They commonly grow into moderately dense, medium to dark green turf within 6 to 9 weeks of seeding.
  • Ryegrass seeds – Will sprout in five to ten days and starts by giving a shiny turf, fine-texture, and dark green blades within six to eight weeks of seeding. (perennial and annual)

For fast-growing grass in the warm season, options are:

  • Centipede grass seeds – These needs 14 to 21 days to sprout and mature into a fine turf of wispy, light-green blades within 7 to 10 weeks of seeding.
  • Bermuda grass seeds - The popular one. To germinate it needs 10 to 30 days to form a dense, dark green established lawn within seven to eleven weeks of seeding.
  • Buffalo grass seeds – It will take 14 to 30 days to sprout and form a thin, softly colored blue-green and established turf within 6 to 11 weeks of seeding.

If you want your grass to grow fast, plant at the right time. 

Plant when the seed is on the active growth phase, this will ensure that the grass will grow fast in a short period than what was listed above.

In general, plant the cool-season grass seeds in early fall or spring, during this time the seeds germinate fast due to the soil temperature (between 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit). And plant the warm season grasses in summer or spring, as the seeds sprout faster when the soil temperature reaches 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In which they normally correspond to a daytime air temperature.

So, get ready to seed or sod the perfect patch for the family to enjoy.

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