Common Sprinkler Repair Problems 

Every homeowner has different sprinklers and each one needs maintenance. Having the right device and program for your sprinkler system will help distribute the right amount of water to your yard every time you switch it on. And just like any other appliances, you have at your home; it sometimes breaks down.

Fortunately, sprinkler system problems can be addressed and prevented with regular maintenance.  Sometimes you can even do it by yourself, but when faced with a serious problem you need a professional to handle it. 

Here are the most common problems you’ll encounter with your sprinkler system.

Types of Sprinkler Problems

Sprinkler head – The sprinkler head is the main part of your irrigation system. It is where all the water comes out, if there is something wrong with it, you’ll notice it. 

Having a broken or cracked sprinkler head will affect the way the water comes out. It might burst out too hard, too little and it will cause a flood to your lawn.  

Sprinkler head problems sometimes caused by getting run over by a lawnmower, roots growing inside the nozzle of the sprinkler head, or getting stepped on. It is important to keep in mind that you need to take extra care of the sprinkler head, just like your plants.

Valve – Did you notice something off with the sprinkler like the water keeps coming out even though it should be turn off by now? If yes, then there might be a problem with your valve. The valve is an important controller; it is responsible for allowing the water to pass through the system and it is the first thing you need to check if a water is not coming out of your sprinkler.

There may be a sand, debris, or a rock causing a blockage to the valve and if the water runs beyond the schedule and it is not stopping, your valves might be jammed. Do not try to fix the issue by yourself you don’t want to ruin your yard and receive a costly bill, call an expert to assess and repair the problem.

Sprinkler pipes – If your lawns are getting too wet and it looks like a pool of water is forming, you need to check for leaks. Pipes are installed underground and it is not easily to notice if somethings wrong with it. Look for a sign of broken pipes, it can be a soggy lawn, dry patches or your sprinkler is spouting water in different angles.

Timers and Controllers – Every lawn needs to be watered regularly, and it needs a timer to set it. A timer and a controller ensure that your yard is being watered and avoid over watering it, but a problem may occur if lightning strikes. It can burn the wiring underground; another one will be your system is not turning on. Check if the battery is flat. 

Invest in a smart timer and controller you can prevent this issue from happening but know this having it regularly maintain even helps prolong the life of the sprinkler system.

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